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Oneness Temple

Oneness Temple

A Sacred Structure for the Awakening of Humanity

There are many places and architectural wonders, ancient and modern, across the world like the Coliseum, the pyramids of Egypt or even Las Vegas and Silicon Valley.  Each of them is dedicated to a specific purpose like enjoyment, honoring the pharaohs or for research and development in the field of Information Technology respectively.  The Oneness Temple stands to affect humanity's consciousness by raising the consciousness levels of the seekers who pray and meditate in the temple.  Dedicated for prayer and meditation oneness Temple helps in bringing about a shift in consciousness which would eventually lead people from a state of 'existing' to a state of 'living' where they experience unconditional love and joy.

The Oneness Temple is a vortex of Divine Grace, a powerhouse for the phenomenon of Oneness Deeksha, propelling the human race in this most crucial phase of its evolution.  The special structure of the oneness Temple makes possible an intense field of divine grace, wherein this transition in consciousness from separation to oneness would naturally result in all those who pray and meditate here.


Sri Amma Bhagavan

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